Piano Enthusiasts — Watch “Note by Note” on KLRU!

I noticed a great show airing tonight on KLRU (our local Public Broadcasting Station)… Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037. Note_by_Note-_The_Making_of_Steinway_L1037

Here’s the official synopsis:
“The most thoroughly handcrafted musical instruments in the world, Steinway pianos are as unique and full of personality as the world-class musicians who play them. However, their makers are a dying breed: skilled cabinetmakers, gifted tuners, experienced wood workers and hand-crafters. This program follows the creation of a Steinway concert grand, #L1037 — from the Alaska forest to the concert hall. It explores the relationship between musician and instrument, chronicles the manufacturing process and illustrates what makes each piano unique in this age of mass production. The journey spans 12 months, 12,000 parts, 450 craftsmen and countless hours of fine-tuned labor. ”

That sounds a little dry… compared to the viewer comments left on the movie’s offical website:

“Our family viewed Note by Note this weekend… none of us spoke for the entire 81 minutes… beautifully filmed and told. None among us is a pianist, yet this documentary touched us deeply. Bravo!”

The film has won numerous Film Festival awards. It should be well worth the watching!

~ Alison 🙂

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