In the KMFA Studios: La Follia!


Soprano Gitanjali Mathur

Soprano Gitanjali Mathur


Harpsichordist (and artistic director) Keith Womer

Inter-studio newsflash: La Follia Austin Baroque is here in the KMFA studio as I type this! They are preparing for a live/recorded-to-tape interview with Dianne Donovan for her Sunday evening show, Classical Austin. It’s causing quite an exciting buzz on what is usually a quiet Friday afternoon here at KMFA… I’ve been walking around our first-floor offices, exclaiming “Did you know there’s a *harpsichord* in Studio 2000?!”

Here are few photos I took while they were warming up….they sound wonderful, and there’s a concert on Monday with guest performer, Andrew Hallock, at the First Presbyterian Church, at 8pm. I don’t think it’s on their website, so you heard it here first! 😉

~Alison Cowden, KMFA Blogger


Keith Womer tunes the harpsichord while James Brown warms up the viola da gamba



Jeffrey Blair scrutinizes the microphone placement









Dianne checks levels on the board during warm-up






Dianne (left) and Phil (right) do a sound check


Countertenor Andrew Hallock














For more information about this early-music group, including their upcoming concert schedule, visit their website:

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