A little Thanksgiving preview


Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite days to tune in to our local classical music station…  KMFA provides a wonderful backdrop for this festive holiday, whether it’s cooking in the kitchen or gathering friends and relatives ’round the dinner table.

In addition to programming lots of old favorites, like Shall We Gather at the River and We Gather Together,  Dvorak’s American String Quartet, and Morton Gould’s Spirituals for Strings, you can expect little musical surprises sprinkled here and there throughout the day.

They’ll also be airing a traditional favorite, Giving Thanks with host John Birge, at 7pm on Wednesday and noon on Thursday (click the Play button to hear the short promo):

And if you’re an early riser, we’ll be offering a holiday program at 6am on Thursday, called Thanksgiving with Cantus:

Let KMFA provide the musical backdrop to whatever your Thanksgiving Day holds in store.

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