42 years of KMFA!

We are experiencing post birthday bash bliss over here at Classical 89.5. During January 27, 28, and 29 we received over $40,000 from over 400 gifts.  To say we are pleased about KMFA listeners’ continuing commitment is an understatement.


Some highlights of the Birthday Drive are:

          Hearing opera mezzo-soprano Frederica Von Stade and bass-baritone Samuel Ramey sing Happy Birthday to us

          KUT Eklektikos host John Aielli phones his membership at the end of the drive, saying “supporting KMFA is something we all MUST do!”

          Seeing volunteers who return drive after drive to answer your calls of support

          Delicious birthday cakes from Planet Bonnie’s as well as wonderful food from Austin area eating establishments

          Welcoming 121 new members to the KMFA family!

It’s our Birthday!


January 29th marks KMFA’s 42nd birthday!

Please join us in a celebration of this remarkable accomplishment: KMFA has been a member-supported, classical music, public radio station since its inception in 1967. 

(we're never too old for cupcakes)

As a longtime listener, I took this format for granted. I just assumed all cities offered this type of programming…. but now I know that it’s a rare treat, and that only 5 or 6 stations in the United States offer a commercial-free, all-classical broadcast.

The fact that Austin’s own station has persevered in this format for 42 years is incredibly unique.  And we do it because members like *you* show your support every year.

We just love our Birthday/Open House/Membership Drive… it’s a celebration of what this station provides, and a chance to visit with our members and volunteers who help make it all happen.

So come to our party!  We’ll be celebrating for 3 days, from Tuesday, Jan. 27th through Thursday, Jan. 28th.  We’ll have cake! And balloons! And of course, the famous limited-edition t-shirt (this year it’s “Bluebonnets and Beethoven”).

Thanks again for your support.  We hope to see you then!

~Alison Cowden, Office Manager

New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2009! I love this time of year because it’s like a blank page, anything can happen and the sky’s the limit.  It’s a time when we reevaluate ourselves and resolve to make changes for the better.  


I know a lot of people who’d like to lead stress free lives this year or become fitter and healthier.  Whatever it is you choose to do – take KMFA with you! I think we’re one of the few things that could help out in just about any New Year’s Resolution.  Classical music is the only cure-all with no crazy side effects.


And remember to support the things you love this year.


Happy New Year to all.  May it be a great one!

Judy Watts, Development Associate