Just for Fun: Translating weather into music– from stormy weather to “Stormy Weather”

At KMFA we are always on the lookout for interesting interpretations of music. Here’s the latest: Nathalie Miebach, a contributor to the amazing T.E.D. Talks, translates weather and climate data into musical scores, which she then renders into vibrant, whimsical sculptures. She uses them as the basis for collaboration with musicians across a wide spectrum of styles and genres. She says on her website, “Musical notation allows me a more nuanced way of translating information without compromising it.”

Each sculpture maps the meteorological landscape of weather of a specific time and place, but is also a fully functional musical score to be played and interpreted by musicans on instruments, such as piano, French horn and electrican guitar.

"Stormy Weather, Internal Storms --Score for Sculptor and Musician" (You can click on this image to hear the actual music)

"She's Coming on Strong" -- This piece is a rendering of the path of both Hurricane Grace and the Halloween Storm, which created the "Perfect Storm"

"Urban Weather Prairies" is based on data collected in Omaha, Nebraska, during a 2-month period in 2008.

You can listen to the resulting music, as well as see more sculptures, on Nathalie Miebach’s website. One of the songs actually sounds like rain on piano keys. Perhaps playing it would be a bit of a rainmaker here in Central Texas.   🙂

~posted by Alison @ KMFA