McCallum Fine Arts Orchestra’s annual “movie in the park” event

~Guest blogger: Phil Pollack, KMFA Technical Operations Manager

Last Saturday evening I was treated to nearly home-delivered entertainment! The McCallum Fine Arts Academy Orchestra took over a section of my neighborhood’s lake park and provided over an hour of movie music complete with video montages on a giant inflatable outdoor movie screen.  A recent McCallum student arranged the musical selections and a current student from the Media Technologies Department created the movie montages, making the whole affair student-powered, if you don’t count the orchestra director/conductor!

This was my second time to attend a Movie Music in the Park event, and this one was especially enjoyable due to its Halloween theme. There were a number of film score classics played by the orchestra, but I particularly loved the selections from Psycho and Ghostbusters, given the proximity to Halloween.  Here is one example of a piece from Titanic (you can’t really see the musicians, but note the lights on the music stands, and the glow-in-the-dark armbands and necklaces!):

After the orchestra wrapped its performance, the Alamo Drafthouse treated the audience to a screening of Ghostbusters on the aforementioned giant outdoor movie screen. With great weather and an enthusiastic audience it was an all-around success. I sincerely hope this tradition continues in years to come!

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