A Poem for our Pledge Drive

Hi, I’m Kelsey Padgett, a UT student who has had the good fortune to be a long-time intern here at KMFA.

As you may know, our Fall membership drive is coming up fast, and we are excitedly preparing. I get to help open listener correspondences, including letters of joy and encouragement from devoted listeners.

Recently we received a beautiful poem about the classical music we air on KMFA, 89.5, and I asked if I could share it on our blog:

The Sounds of KMFA

From out of

The past,

Sounds of today.

Sounds for

Your day

And mine.

Sounds to

Work to,

Sounds to

Play to,

Sounds to

Relax to.

Sounds of


Coming across

The years,

Coming Through

The atmosphere,

Coming to

Calm, enlighten

And inspire.

Sounds of Genius

Talking in

Musical notes,

Through metal,

String, and reeds.

Sounds of conversations

Among instruments,

Teasing, Taunting,

Luring us

From our depths

To their heights,

Sharing their


With humanity.

Sounds of

Classic beauty


Sophisticated equipment

To modern ears,

Sounds uniting

Past and present

In a timeless


Author: Viola Rutz

Thanks so much Mrs. Rutz, and everyone who gives their support during our membership drive.

~ Kelsey Padgett, Production & Development Associate

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