TCC event honors nature and springtime

~posted by Carmel O’Donovan, KMFA relief announcer

Last Saturday I had the honor of introducing Texas Choral Consort’s springtime concert: “Songs of Nature.” It took place at First Presbyterian Church on Mesa Drive, a beautiful airy church with wonderful acoustics, a soaring ceiling and an entire wall of stunning stained glass. An unexpected bonus for me was the discovery that KMFA’s technical genius, Phil Pollack, is a member of the group!

The evening comprised a truly stunning mix of melodies, effortlessly spanning centuries and styles. The music was tightly harmonic and beautifully delivered. The performance was rendered even more special since it featured the world premier of a new piece of music: at the request of TCC’s energetic and inspirational Artistic Director, Brent Baldwin, Austin composer Graham Reynolds composed a wonderful haunting tune to the words of a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson entitled “Crossing the Bar.” The evening whizzed by in a heart beat and after a little audience participation in the iconic Simon and Garfunkel piece “Bridge over Troubled Water,” the audience slipped off into the night, richer and wiser than they had been only 90 minutes earlier!

TCC will be concluding their season in August with a show entitled “Nature in Harmony.” I urge you not to miss it. See you there!


   ~ Carmel O’Donovan is a relief announcer on KMFA 89.5; you can read more about Carmel and all our Music Hosts on our website.

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