Christopher O’Riley visits the KMFA studios

On any given day, if you ask a KMFA member “Which radio show is your favorite?” — many will respond, “You know, that show with the kids… From the Top!”

Well, this morning,  Christopher O’Riley, renowned concert pianist as well as host of From the Top, visited the KMFA studios. He’s actually in town to perform with the Austin Symphony Orchestra on Friday and Saturday night (you can read more about the ASO program on their website).

Mr. O’Riley chatted on the air with Dianne Donovan, touching on so many topics that each one could fill its own interview: the relevance of classical music to the newest generations of musicians, classical crossovers with pop music, and how Austin in particular benefits from such a diverse musical overlap. It was a great conversation about the present and future of classical music… if you missed it, we’ve got it posted on our website:

We really enjoyed Mr. O’Riley’s visit. You can hear From the Top on KMFA, Saturdays at 11am.

~ posted by Alison @ KMFA 🙂

One thought on “Christopher O’Riley visits the KMFA studios

  1. How great is this – Chris is doing such a great service to the ‘newest generation’. Much-needed and much admired. We are all concerned about the future of classical music. Chris is actually doing something about it!

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