The Happy Harpsichord at the Armstrong Community Music School

a Portuguese Harpsichord, dated 1789

(an 18th-Century Harpsichord)

posted by Dianne Donovan, KMFA Announcer

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending an entertaining harpsichord concert/lecture by Keith Womer (director of La Follia Austin). Mr. Womer performed works by Bach, Froberger, Couperin, and Scarlatti, as well as modern works by Locklair and Angle, at the Armstrong Community Music School’s Preece Recital Hall.

He expounded on such details as ideal acoustics, how and why a harpsichord will “prefer” a particular room or hall, as well as common misconceptions: although it resembles a piano, it behaves more like a guitar, because the strings are plucked, not hammered.  Overall it was a very enjoyable and enlightening demonstration! Keith Womer’s enthusiasm for the instrument is positively infectious and was reflected in his fine performance.

If you missed out on last Sunday’s concert, check out this Sunday’s program, wherein  Keith Womer and Don Simons, both esteemed harpsichordists, will join efforts in “Music for Two Harpsichords,” including works by Buxtehude, Bach, Handel, Couperin, and Rameau. The performance will be at the Preece Recital Hall, Armstrong  Community Music School, and the concert begins at 4pm.

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