Film Score Focus welcomes newest fan

Samantha, FIlm Score Focus's newest fan

KMFA listener, Kevin S., emailed us to let us know about the recent arrival of his baby daughter Samantha. “Sam” was born on June 3rd, 2009, weighing 8 pounds/10 ounces. According to Kevin, she was brought into the world hearing Brian Satterwhite’s program Film Score Focus, specifically the episode titled Born to Film Music

Kevin writes, “It is still one of my favorite compilations of classical music to relax to … and my wife loved it, and the hospital staff commented on it every time they came in the room.”

Brian responded, “I have to say this may win the award for greatest compliment ever. When I put the show together I always hoped somebody might possibly have it in the room while their children were born, but I can’t say I ever thought it would actually happen! Thank you, and congratulations!”

For those of you wondering what all the Film Score excitement is about, you can tune in to Brian Satterwhite’s show, Film Score Focus, on Saturdays at 10am and 7pm, on KMFA Classical 89.5.

~Alison (also a FSF fan!)

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