Fan Mail for KMFA

As I write this, we are in the middle of our Spring 2009 Pledge Drive.  It’s hectic good fun, and we hear from a lot of people about just how much they love KMFA!  They visit us in person, or they call us, and sometimes they write to us, too.  One new KMFA member even felt compelled to write us a poem….(see below)…

Thanks so much to everyone for your support so far!  This radio station truly is a rare gem.

Signed,  Alison Cowden,  also a fan of KMFA  🙂

(from the letterbag)


Out of pure love I dedicate this page:
Givers of music to relieve and assuage,
Hearts of Austinites which buzz and rage.

As long as I draw breath in my own abysmal way,
Never will I rescind or rue that fateful day
That I pledged my loyalty to KMFA.

Since I first tuned the radio to 89.5
It seems to me, new worlds came alive,
And all I desire is for my station to thrive.

Symphony and sonata pour forth most profound,
Never have I heard such mellifluous sound,
and with our support, KMFA will forever be around.

~Ferdie B. Cassel III

3 thoughts on “Fan Mail for KMFA

  1. I spent last week in the Austin and the Hill Country. I had never been in your beautiful are before. What a joy to find KMFA. I listened the entire week; I never changed the station. I was so happy to find another of the 27 full-time classical-only radio stations in the U.S. I say “another,” because I have been an on-air personality and supporter of WDPR, Classical 88.1 in Dayton OH since its inception. We also are full-time classical. Your programming is amazingly similar to ours, including a locally-produced guitar program. Thanks again for keeping me such good company during my visit to the area. I hope I can come again soon.


    Lew Hann

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