La Belle France in Provence!

Bon Jour KMFA blog readers!

Today’s posting is a special greetings all the way from Avignon, France.  KMFA’s first international tour ever – La Belle France is well underway in southern France.  A group of 16 KMFA listeners and Dianne Donovan and myself traveled to France to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and pleasures. 

We have successfully eaten our way from small village to village in the Provence area.  In fact just today we toured an olive grove and learned the process from tree to table.  We learned that France produces .02% of the world’s olives.  And the particular grove we toured today produces some of the country’s top quality olives for olive oil and table olives.  Yum!

Afterward, we were taken to Cabro D’Or a relais chateau French restaurant in the middle of countryside.  Two hours and four courses later we continued on our way to view some Roman ruins and see Van Gogh’s inspirations in Arles.      

Judy & Dianne

2 thoughts on “La Belle France in Provence!

  1. Bon jour!

    I was so glad to see a post from you and get a glimpse into how the tour is going. And what a good looking group you all make!
    Can’t wait to hear more and see all the pictures on your return.

    If I’m not mistaken, you should all be touring Paris today – and attending a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto tonight at the Opera Bastille. Tres magnifique!

    Hopefully next year – I’ll be able to make the planned Italy trip with KMFA’s Music Director, Sara Hessel.

    Have fun – and my best to all of you!

  2. Hey you guys! What a great photo! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back…We expect more photos, too!

    Enjoy those sights and sounds of Paris… and travel home safely!


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