Eliot Fisk in the KMFA Studios

Eliot Fisk

Eliot Fisk

Today Eliot Fisk stopped by KMFA to chat with me about his upcoming concert.  He was a delight to talk to, and his knowledge of music seemed boundless.  Being able to fill in the entire concert after Angel Romero had to cancel under doctor’s orders, is a real testament to the skill and depth that Eliot Fisk has.  In the interview he talks about some of the works that he will be performing as well as where he gets some of his musical and spiritual inspiration.

Mr. Fisk will perform Saturday, October 4th at the Northwest Hills United Methodist Church.  Tickets can be purchased through the Austin Classical Guitar Society  by calling 300-ACGS.

Visit the KMFA homepage: www.kmfa.org to check out the interview!

Jeffrey Blair, Announcer

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