Brazilian guitarist Yamandu Costa performs in Austin

~posted by Sarah Addison, KMFA Development Associate and Producer of Pianoforte

Saturday night marked the last concert of the Austin Classical Guitar Society’s 2011-2012 International Concert Series and the Guitars Galore Festival. The concert, which was sold out completely, featured the extraordinary Brazilian guitarist Yamandu Costa, who is on his first concert tour of the U.S.

The Guitars Galore Festival Orchestra performing the piece “Nebulae” by Olga Amelkina-Vera

The concert began with the Guitars Galore Festival Orchestra, consisting of what looked to be about 100 guitars, performing the piece “Nebulae” by Olga Amelkina-Vera, who won the Guitars Galore composition competition this year. The piece was haunting and beautiful, and one I certainly hope to hear again.

After a brief introduction by ACGS Executive Director, Matthew Hinsley, Yamunda humbly came out and played for a little over an hour. He played more notes on his seven stringed guitar than I thought possible, and almost all of the music he played he had written himself! The music ranged from upbeat tangos to lullabies, and was accented in places by his singing and even whistling. In between pieces he sipped tea through the straw of a handcrafted mug and chatted a little with the audience. His accent might have been a little difficult to understand, but his exuberant playing left nothing unsaid.

Yamandu Costa on stage

I hope Yamunda’s first tour of the United States has gone well so that he will return to Austin soon!

~posted by Sarah Addison, KMFA Development Associate and producer of Pianoforte

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