Cub Scouts visit the KMFA studios!

We just enjoyed a visit from an enthusiastic “pack” of Cub Scouts!

On occasion,  we’ll receive a request from a youth scout group to tour the KMFA radio station as part of their efforts to broaden their horizons and learn more about industry and vocations.  Jeffrey Blair serves as teacher and tour guide,  showing off the Master Control On-Air studio, the CD library,  and the recording studios.

“Den 10, Pack 55” had a great time, and we had fun seeing the radio station for the first time through their eyes. They even held still long enough for these photos.  🙂

Mark, Michael, Devin and Dylan on their tour of the KMFA Studios

The chaperons were just as engrossed as the scouts

~posted by Alison @ KMFA  🙂

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