Blast from the Past: hear a familiar KMFA voice on Classical Guitar Alive this weekend!

Russell Sarre, Australian composer (and former host of KMFA)

If you’ve been listening to KMFA since the 1990s, you’ll remember an announcer named Russell Sarre. His distinctly Australian accent, coupled with an irrepressible sense of humor, made him a popular host on KMFA. The show he was most remembered for was “Mind Your Music,” co-starring David Ford. It was so successful, they even beat the famous NPR show “From the Top” one year for a national radio award!

Russell is a classical composer, and he and his family now live in Hamburg, Germany. Luckily for his Austin fans he was interviewed by Tony Morris (host of the popular show, Classical Guitar Alive) about the premiere of his most recent work: Lyric Suite for Guitar and String Quartet.

To hear the whole episode, tune in tonight at 9pm, and again on Sunday at 11am, on KMFA 89.5.

Here’s a quick preview:

~posted by Alison @ KMFA  🙂

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