Pianos in the Park, Part 2

In response to the blog post I posted about the pianos stationed around Austin last month, I received a nice email from a KMFA listener and musician, Aragorn Eissler, about a multi-media project he created that surrounds the Play Me I’m Yours piano installation around downtown Austin. He told me that he composed a series of nine piano preludes and then performed them in one circuit on his bicycle on the hike and bike trail.

SO, basically, Mr. Eissler composed a short piece of music for each location, then put on his tuxedo, grabbed his video camera, and set off on his bike to perform each one.  The result is a charming group of videos with lovely music in the foreground, with chirping birds and mopeds and the Austin skyline in the background. You don’t usually get that kind of Austin ambience in a concert hall….

On his webpage he says that throughout the day, “Austinites were very friendly. It wasn’t strange at all to see someone playing live music downtown, but riding a bike in a tux down the hike and bike trail earned me some sideways glances!”

Here’s the link to watch all his videos: http://www.aratunes.us

Here’s one of the pieces (all of them are under 3 minutes each):

Thanks for sharing these with us, Ara!

~ posted by Alison @ KMFA  🙂

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