Listening to the Festival of Carols from…. Antarctica?!

(posted by Joan Kobayashi, KMFA General Manager)

This is a beautiful note accompanied by beautiful pictures I just had to share. To imagine listening to our programming with that backdrop . . . well, there aren’t really words to describe it.


Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 1:48 PM
To: Joan Kobayashi
Subject: Enjoyment and pledge

Dear Joan:

I am a University of Texas Research Professor from Austin, sitting in a laboratory at the United States base McMurdo Station in Antarctica, listening to KMFA on what is December 23 for us (on New Zealand time at ~180 degrees west longitude, a day ahead and 5 hours behind Austin).

This is to let you know how much I appreciate the KMFA programming and your colleagues’ presentation of it – not least here surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the active Mount Erebus volcano and the majestic Royal Society Range of the Transantarctic Mountains.


I attached some images to let you see the type of setting in which your music is being enjoyed, as we try to decipher the signals of ice mass change in Antarctica and hence of global sea-level change.

Best wishes to you and your colleagues for the Holiday Season.



Thank you, Ian. We’re so glad that the work we do enriches the experience of the work that you do.  Again, thank you for the gift of your words and pictures.  Wishing you a most beautiful Christmas and New Year.


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