Photos from the Fall Pledge Drive!

We’re in the midst of our Fall Pledge Drive, and of course it’s hectic fun here at the radio station… but we can still share our behind-the-scenes perspectives with photos!

So far, we’ve had visits from Bob Buckalew (of Buckalew Media, and also an esteemed KMFA Board member), as well as Ann Hume Wilson, Executive Director of Conspirare. (Ann brought tickets with her and offered them as pledge incentives while she was on the air… score!)

We’re expecting more visits from Austin Arts leaders…. I’ve overheard the Kevin Patterson (Executive Director of the Austin Lyric Opera) might stop by, as well as Maestro Peter Bay (Conductor and Artisitc Director of the Austin Symphonic Orchestra).  You can bet they will probably bring tickets with them to offer as incentives to pledge, so stay tuned to KMFA, 89.5!





~posted by Alison @ KMFA 🙂

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