KMFA programs score twice on the Austin Chronicle’s “Best of Austin” list!

Here’s a newsflash: KMFA was mentioned twice in the Austin Chronicle’s “Best of Austin” List of Critics Choice selections! Here’s the write up from the Austin Chronicle website:

Sara Hessel (photo credit: Todd V. Wolfson)

Best of Austin 2010; Critics Picks, Media
Best Way To Get Thee to a Nunnery: Ancient Voices on KMFA-FM
From the haunting chants of Medieval monks and nuns, sung a cappella, to the flirty madrigals of the Renaissance and measured intensity of Baroque dance music, Ancient Voices brings church to us on Sundays. On KMFA-FM 89.5, at 9am and 4pm, this show transports Austin through early Europe’s extraordinary tapestry of sound. Peace and a sense of the sacred emanate from the radio. Listeners are gently guided through history by host Sara Hessel’s timeless voice.

Best of Austin 2010; Critics Picks, Arts & Entertainment
Best Free Course in Film Appreciation: Film Score Focus on KMFA-FM
Sure, movies are a feast for the eyes, but don’t forget the ears. Brian Satterwhite sure doesn’t. A respected film composer in his own right (including the score for Austin comedy Artois the Goat), Satterwhite hosts KMFA’s weekly program Film Score Focus, hitting just the right note with new and classic sounds, from spaghetti Westerns to Vegas glitz and the tunes accompanying classic Tex Avery cartoons. We’re all ears. 8pm Fridays; 7pm Sundays on KMFA-FM 89.5.

We’re so proud that our local programming talent has received such kind accolades! Way to go, Sara and Brian!

~ posted by Alison @ KMFA 🙂

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