Summer greetings from Carmel O’Donovan

~posted by Carmel O’Donovan, KMFA part-time announcer

It has been a long summer and I have been away from Austin for far too long!

I have badly missed the dulcet tones of my fellow announcers, as well as the glorious music mix on KMFA, as I have explored Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico on a big road trip with my family reminiscent of the Griswolds. (Where is Chevy Chase when I need him?)

Try as I might (and believe me, I tried hard — I find that using classical music to drown out fighting siblings works a treat), I could not find a radio station to hold a candle to our dearly beloved KMFA. All of which reinforced something that we all know: we have our own little treasure right here in Central Texas — the jewel of the airwaves at 89.5 and the guarantee of glorious classical music 24/7. What could be better for the soul and the spirit?

~ Carmel O’Donovan is a part-time announcer on KMFA 89.5; you can read more about Carmel and all our Music Hosts on our website.

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