Having fun with Art in the Park at Symphony Square

~posted by Angelica Davila, KMFA programming intern

The Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Children’s Day Art Park is, quite simply, awesome. Held every Wednesday morning from June to July, the Art Park invites children and parents to enjoy some wholesome summer fun with music, arts and crafts, magicians, mimes and more. And for only 50 cents a kid, I think it’s much more than a bargain.

This past Wednesday—unfortunately the last session of the summer series—hundreds of kids piled into Symphony Square on Red River, ready for the fun to begin. Despite a few over-hanging rain clouds, the day started in the Square’s amphitheatre with some clowning around, a little magic, and a family-friendly performance by The Biscuit Brothers.

During these performances, a few colorful volunteers set up shop underneath a large red-and-white tent across the street. Markers, paint, balloons and chairs waited as The Brothers finished their set and the crowd moved from the theatre. The main event under the tent is face painting, but there are also coloring tables and arts and crafts areas, as well as a lemonade stand for just 10 cents a cup. And while you and your children are waiting in line (for that’s really the main event), you can enjoy a live brass band playing on a nearby porch or interact with one of the many clowns roaming through crowd. You can even get a photograph with that morning’s headliner—and I’m no sap, but seeing The Biscuit Brothers high-five a shy little 6-year-old is just adorable.

For the parents, the second half of the day could be a bit of a bummer—I mean, Mom and Dad aren’t waiting in a line for 20 minutes to get their face painted. But the whole park just radiates fun and energy because the kids are having the times of their lives. Even last week, when it was hot, humid and more than a little rainy, every child in the crowd was smiling and laughing. And though the festivities might be over for now, mark your calendars for next summer because the Art Park is fun, cheap and well worth the time.

~posted by Angelica Davila, KMFA summer Programming Intern (she also took all these great photos!)

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