Classical music’s “New Golden Age”

~posted by Jeffrey Blair, KMFA morning announcer

“Classical Music’s New Golden Age.” That’s the title of an article that was just released in the City Journal, a magazine published by the Manhattan Institute.  The article’s author, Heather MacDonald, goes to great length to point out that we live in an age where classical music is appreciated by more people than ever before.

… And I have to agree with her!  Its only been within the last century or so that conductors and musicians finally stopped “improving” the symphonies of Beethoven or the quartets of Mozart.  We get to hear great works performed by skilled musicians, and it makes no difference whether it’s something written 500 years ago or just last year.  The sense of respect that the musician has for the composer, and vice-versa, comes forth in an astounding experience for the listener.

The music is everywhere,  too.  Concert halls, convenience stores, cell phones, the music surrounds us as never before.  Technology has made it possible to enjoy a symphony while planting a garden, or listen to a piano sonata while grocery shopping.  Amazing.  Click here to read the entire article — read it and see if you don’t agree that we live in Classical Music’s New Golden Age.

Jeffrey Blair is KMFA’s weekday morning announcer, Production Engineer, and host of the weekend show, Choral Classics. Tune in Sundays at 10am and 5pm to hear Choral Classics, right here on KMFA, 89.5.

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