More pictures from our Birthday Drive….


It’s DAY TWO of the 2010 KMFA Birthday Membership Drive!

We’re handing out Snuggies “Personal Comforters” …. 

(Sarah hands over another "Snuffluffagus" blankie to a happy pledger)



… and we’re giving hugs to our long-time friends…. 



… and we’re giving tours…..



 … and we’re giving each other the giggles… 



… were giving it our best effort… 



… we’re giving out the world’s best cupcakes…. 


 …. we’re giving the new announcers a hard time…. 



…. but best of all, we are all giving the gift of classical music to each other!

Thank you, KMFA members!


~posted by Alison @ KMFA  🙂

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