It’s our Birthday!

… well, KMFA’s birthday. Can you believe it’s our 43rd year to broadcast classical music, commercial free, in Austin Texas! Thanks to YOU, of course!

We are busy celebrating (you know, our little Birthday Pledge Drive) , so come on down to our Open House, Jan. 27th through 29th, and try one of Planet Bonnie’s amazing cupcakes! Let me tell you, they are the best EVER.  Here’s a photo of some of these delicious bites of heaven:


Oh, and check out the new premium just for this Pledge Drive: a KMFA “personal comforter.” OK, I know that sounds too formal, but it’s because I don’t think we can use the trademark name of “Snuggy.” But you know what I mean. It’s just like a “Snuggy.” Sara Hessel has dubbed it the “Snuggluffagus.” It proudly proclaims your love of KMFA *and* it keeps you warm and fuzzy at the same time! They are a big hit so far. You can view it and other new gifts on our website, just click here. 

 (Special thanks to Holly, our Dir. of Individual Giving, for being our model for the photos. )

~posted by Alison @ KMFA  🙂

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