Austin Symphonic Band… is in the opera?!

If  you were one of the lucky folks to attend the ALO’s season premier, La Boheme,  you enjoyed more than fine arias and a beautiful stage… I just found out that some members of the Austin Symphonic Band were in the production as well!

David Jones, one of the participants (and a great friend of KMFA), sent us the link to their behind-the-scenes photos.   The wind players comprised the off-stage/on-stage La Banda, marching through the set at the end of Act II.

Here’s one of the photos:

The Tableau

If you are at all acquainted with the ASB, you know that these folks are fun-loving wind enthusiasts with a great sense of humor. Just when I was beginning to think that opera productions were full of intense and serious professionals…. someone starts playing a trumpet and my preconceived notions are dashed!  🙂


~Alison  🙂

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