A Familiar Voice in an Unexpected Venue…


On Tuesday evening I was listening to KMFA’s regular weekly program,  New York Philharmonic This Week. Well, not so much listening as passively enjoying the performance music in the background while I worked on some documents… and as the pieces were introduced, I kept wondering, where have I heard that voice before….?

The Radio Host of New York Philharmonic This Week is Alec Baldwin!  As a Long Island native, Mr. Baldwin has been a big fan of the NY Phil, so it all came together quite naturally, it seems. He does a wonderful job, although I’ll admit I keep expecting him to say some absurd and hilarious remark like his comedic character from his television show.

Read more about it on the NYPhil website: http://nyphil.org/about/bio_baldwin.cfm

~Alison Cowden, KMFA webmaster

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