Excelling without Excluding: Texas Choral Consort’s Summer Symposium

Submitted by Phil Pollack

The Texas Choral Consort (TCC) recently concluded their 12th season with a non-auditioned symposium concert titled “A Shadow of Light.” I was fortunate enough to be in attendance for the Sunday performance and TCC treated me to five works from disparate musical periods, performing each piece admirably.



 Each of these works was tied to the others by its composer’s homage to earlier periods and musical styles, and for a universal music lover such as myself there really could not have been a better format for a concert. Not only did I receive a fresh lesson in Baroque music, something I admittedly know little about, but I was treated to two modern pieces, one of which was being premiered by TCC. I thoroughly enjoyed this premier work, Peter Stopschinski’s Orff’s Good Fortune. For me, it was the highlight of the show, combining elements of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana with chord progressions I swear I’ve heard in modern pop music.

great stuff 003

 In addition to the stellar musical content, I was also impressed by the balance between the instrumentalists and the singers. Each performer in the group knew when to stand out and when to sit back, and their musical blend benefited immensely from this attention to detail. Northwest Hills United Methodist Church provided a great venue for the musical interplay, allowing the audience to hear all of the detail in these works without blowing them back in their seats. All of this from a group that accepts anyone in their symposiums; the only requirement being a genuine interest in singing. If you are interested in learning more about this Austin choral group, visit their newly redesigned website: www.txconsort.org.

~ Phil Pollack,  KMFA  Technology & Production

One thought on “Excelling without Excluding: Texas Choral Consort’s Summer Symposium

  1. Wow, I got to see this performance on Sunday afternoon. The hard work and devoted practice was evident in the polished precision and incredible range that all these musicians demonstrated. Not just the wonderful voices, but also the instrumentalists were captivating! 🙂

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