Music is Good for Your Health!

Well, science is beginning to embrace what we always felt was true: listening to music is good for our health!

an apple a day

 CLICK HERE  to read an article that ponders this concept in greater detail.

 An interesting excerpt:

 “Listening to finer music and attending concerts on a consistent basis makes your real age about four years younger,” Dr. Michael F. Roizen — the chief wellness officer of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, said recently. Whether that’s due to stress relief or other properties, we see decreases in all-cause mortality, reflecting slower aging of arteries as well as cancer-related and environmental factors. Attending sports events like soccer or football offers none of these benefits.”

Something occurred to me as I read this article… that my donation to KMFA might actually contribute to the health of its listeners! I’d like to think so, anyway.  🙂

Happy Listening,


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