The Beatles Classically

The Eggmen perform with McCallum Orchestra

The Eggmen perform with McCallum Orchestra


Last Saturday I had the delightful experience of hearing the Eggmen perform with the McCallum Fine Arts Orchestra at the Paramount Theatre.  The first half of the set consisted of pre 1967 covers and the second half was 1967 post with accompaniment from McCallum.


The real joy in seeing this show was the energy and enthusiasm the high school orchestra students exuded.  So rarely do orchestra students get to perform Beatles tune after Beatles tune. And to see them dancing on stage behind the Eggmen makes me know that everyone involved was having just as great a time as those of us in the audience.  Believe me there was lots of singing along involved.


My personal favorite was when they performed Hey Jude (ok, this might have something to do with my namesake… but still it was a great rendition).


Proceeds from the show will support McCallum’s upcoming trip to Carnegie hall where they will perform Schubert’s Mass in No. 2 in G major.  To contribute to their fund, visit


Judy Watts
Development Coordinator

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