It’s the Festival of Carols!

Christmas composure

Our annual Festival of Carols started today… and it always surprises me how contemplative, serene, and joyfully evocative the selections are. It’s not just holiday music, it’s winter music.

KMFA’s primetime announcers (Jeffrey, Dianne, Rich, and Sara) all carefully select the playlists for their own shifts. The pieces range from 13th-century chants to playful Sondheim renditions. Instruments vary from bells to strings to choral voices. It’s such a wonderful reprieve from the canned commercial tracks we hear ad nauseum in grocery stores, shopping malls, and on television.

So, if you’re feeling a bit jaded by holiday overexposure, I recommend KMFA’s Festival of Carols, from Monday, Dec. 22nd through Thursday, Dec. 25th. It truly does bring comfort and joy.

~Alison Cowden, Office Manager

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