The last night in Paris!

KMFA’s La Belle France tour could not have ended on a better note. Stunning. Mesmerizing. Fantastique!

Saturday we were treated to the opening night of the Paris Ballet’s Les Enfants Du Paradise .  Immediately we were thrown in the world of Garance and her fickle heart’s choices of suitors.  At times it was difficult to tell where the ballet started and where it ended as several of the dancers/actors performed from the audience.  At intermission the dancers did a mini performance in the main hall of the Palais Garnier.  The building was entertaining in itself, dripping with gold and velvet ornaments from ceiling to floor.

After the splendid ballet performance (which I will never forget) we all walked across the street to the Cafe de la Paix and our tastebuds were treated to equally as appetising foods. 

It’s only been a day but already I miss Paris, the Louvre, the Ballet, cafe au lait, Dianne Donovan’s great explanations of the concerts, our tour guide James’s incredible wealth of knowledge, and most of all the 17 very cool and eclectic folks who signed up for KMFA’s first ever trip.

Au revoir (for now)!
Judy Watts

p.s. pictures to come soon.

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